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Posted on August 31, 2013 at 1:18 AM
Goodbye August! 

Is it truly the end of August? I can't believe how fast a month goes past these days especially when you keep yourself busy being creative!

August has been fantastic for us at Gemz Creative Arts!

For a start, the Gemz Creative Arts website went through a facelift with new typography and background colours to create consistency and a nice smooth flow of navigation to get you to the various offers and pages that we have.

Maths Club update:

We also recorded and presented our Maths Club Video clip where our Maths Wiz Little Gemz spoke about why many kids should sign up for our Creative Learning classes. 
Our Maths Wiz Little Gemz are having lots of creative fun with grid addition and subtraction exercises together with multiplication flash card quizzes! There is never a dull moment in our fun and yummy snacks filled classes.

Artzy Craftzy Birthday Partzy 

We had lots of fun at our Arts and Craft themed birthday party for little Abigail who turned 8 this month! The children had so much fun creating their own earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Several mummies had pleasant surprises when when the children (including a boy in the mix) presented their creative jewellery with much love at the end of the party. 
This is one party where the goodie bags for the children had more than just lollies and balloons!

Creative Writing classes

I had the pleasure of conducting a Creative Writing session for a Grade 1/2 class at Carlton Gardens Primary School, Melbourne this month!  The class of 27 eager writers created their original stories in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes following an exercise on Personification. The stories kept flowing and I was really impressed with the creativity shown by the young minds! I am looking forward to my next class with them where we explore using seeds to aid narrative. 

Creative Writing Tips Series:

I was toying with the idea that this could be an activity for September but I had to get this Series up and started as there is no point in delaying the sharing of good tips!!! So August saw the beginning of the first Creative Writing Tip that will allow parents/guardians and teachers to have many fun filled creative writing moments with their children. I hope you have had the chance to try it out with your little ones.

Thanks to the 1168 new visitors who visited our website in August. We hope you enjoyed your visit and we hope to see you again and again. 

Hello September!

September is going to be the month of fruition and fun learning activities. 
Creative classes are the main focus for this month! 

We have a few on offer:

The team is all geared up to seeing more creative activity via our September School Holiday Arts and Craft Program. Classes are running from 23 September to 4 October 2013. We are offering full day classes and half day classes to suit the need of both working parents and those who just want their children to come over for a few hours of fun filled creative time. Call 0431377464 for class times and booking details!

We are also offering Arts and Craft classes on weekends on a regular basis. 

As a theatre artist, I am moving into the space of Art Therapy and am working with adults to help heal and recuperate. This is really exciting from a theatre perspective! I will provide more details in due course!

Books! Books! Books!

Our three books are getting all the attention needed. 

I am really excited with the progress of my book " The Imperfect Life of Sonja Hozain" as sharing excerpts of the book through my sneak previews is breathing new life into the actual story. I have added a second sneak preview on the website. Do have a read and keep the feedback flowing. I am loving the writing process and I hope you will love reading the story!

Our Children Book series "Jodie has a pet" is waiting for the first draft of illustrations to be approved.  The creative team is currently reviewing and making changes to the art work and we are hoping to get a few pages confirmed by the end of this month.  

Chapter 3 and 4 of "The BFF Adventure in Metung" will be the focus for this month. With the writer off to a camp and a study trip to China, she is working hard to complete drafts of the two chapters as planned. 

We are also planning a short story writing competition for 10 to 12 year olds. Attractive prizes will be on offer for the top two writers.  Look out for the details on our website in the coming weeks. 

Don't forget to pass the word around to friends and family to "Like" us on FB and do sign up your little ones for our September School Holiday Programs if you are living in Melbourne. It will truly be a creative experience that they will enjoy!   

Visit for details on all our special offers! And till my next update, stay creative.

Dr Puva Arumugam
Artistic and Creative Director
Gemz Creative Arts

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