Planting the seed of creativity in young talents

Posted on June 16, 2013 at 8:24 AM
This would come as a surprise to a few but kids do take their parents really seriously. Whether we like it or not, kids do take their parents and carers to be role models either directly or indirectly.

Being a single mom, I have always tried to be a good parent by being the person who provides, nurtures and being there for my two children 24/7. Since I am both a mum and a dad at all times, my typical day is often very busy where I am running around getting things organised and done from dawn till the end of the day.  

It is a blessing that both my children are currently my ambassadors for Gemz Creative Arts. As such, we tend to work together quite regularly. Apart from the books that they are writing, I also work with them to bring out their creativity in arts and crafts, songs, dance among other things. When I work with them, I  always seen myself as a Creative Director working with young talents.  

It came as a surprise lately when both my children started taking a keen interest in poetry. Both of them submitted their creative poems eagerly for review and asked if they could be posted on the website. And I was impressed with their style of writing and enthusiasm. They were also pointing out good poems written by their friends and urged me to have the poems posted on our website and I actually approached their friends for samples.  

As part of creative writing exercise, I have always worked on prose and creative short stories and narratives. We have never worked on poems. Hence, I was taken aback and even asked out aloud why and when they became so interested in poems. Their answer was they wanted to be like their mummy as I had just recently published my book which was a collection of my poems. That touched me greatly and also got me thinking. 

I have never promoted myself as a poet as my strength lies in writing short stories and plays. But I have written poems since young as it is something that comes to me as a reflex action more than writing for passion or as a creative expression. It just seemed logical that I publish my poems first as they were easy to compile and it required very little editing. During the process of publishing the book, my children played a vital role in proof reading, choosing the design colour, the photos and just being my audience. I did not realise that engaging them from the inception of the book actually acted as a catalyst to instil their interest in writing poems themselves. In fact, my eldest daughter has memorised a couple of my poems and from time to time, she narrates a couple of lines to test if I remember if the lines were from my poems. This is a joy both as a parent and as a poet that I can't explain in words to anyone. 

So my note to all parents: Remember that your children are watching and learning from you at all times, Whether you are a homemaker, hairdresser, a bank manager, an accountant or a doctor, you will leave impressions in them and these impressions can be used positively to bring out the best in them. You can also plant the seed of creativity in them by spending just a few minutes each week reading or talking to them about a story, an art work, a few lines that rhyme or a jingle or a rap that they would like to write, sing, draw or just listen to. The seed has to be planted by you! And believe me it will be worth the investment of your time!


Puva Arumugam



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