Gemz Creative Arts Learning Club - Maths and English classes available

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Hi Everyone, 

Gemz Creative Arts updates are back! Hope you have been keeping yourself busy and creative over the past few months!

We are currently enrolling for Gemz Learning Club classes (Berwick).  We are offering a series of blended learning classes in Maths and English aimed at primary school children - grades 1 to 5. Our lessons are  pegged to the current Victorian School curriculum and we offer the expertise of trained teachers who will guide students through the lessons via face to face coaching and provide access to a platform where students can practice more activities online!

Call 0431377464 or contact [email protected] for more details on booking your child/children for their next Gemz Learning Club lesson!

Goodbye March and hello April!

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Hi Friends!  
Isn't amazing how time flies! March ends tonight and April is dawning upon us in a matter of hours! 

Time flies faster when you are really busy and creative! And this is especially true for us at Gemz Creative Arts Learning Centre as we enjoyed the month of March preparing for the April School Holiday Programs and also entertaining kids with their Artzy Craftzy Birthday Parties!

April looks really promising as we are looking forward to conducting heaps of fun classes in schools and homes near the Southeast of Melbourne. 

It is also a month to catch up with our writing, editing, drawing and of course pushing those books out of the publisher's hands! 

I am looking forward to having heaps of creative fun next month and so should you! 

Don't forget to check out new photos of our Gemz Artzy Craftzy Birthday Partiez!!!

Till my next post, stay happy and busy, 

Creatively yours,

Dr Puva Arumugam
Artistic and Creative Director
Gemz Creative Arts 

Updates! Updates! Updates!

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Time has flown by so quickly! And we have finally moved from the city to a nice quiet suburb within Victoria! 

Our location is now in a very family friendly suburb called Berwick! Lots of little gems and heaps of creative energy in the air!

It took the Gemz team a month to settle in and to find our way around this new place. Our young Gemz ambassadors/writers took a month break to refresh their minds and to get ready for the new term ahead!  Now, that we are rested and rejuvenated, it is time once again to give you our fantastic updates on our fun filled activities for the year!

As a start to the new term, we are excited about our ongoing Learning Club classes. We are also booked out for a few birthday parties next month, which is great!

The traffic to our website has been consistent and we are so grateful for your continuous support. We have had 975 visitors and 1200 page views in the month of February! 

Activities planned this year includes: Creative Writing competition for 7-12 year olds, Publishing of children books, Creative arts classes, Learning Club classes and school holiday programs among many other fun activities! We are happy for you to also send in your creative works if you are keen to have it published on our website! Conditions apply so do send me an email if you are thinking of sending in your creative writing or art work!

I will keep you posted on further details regarding our activities as it happens! 

Till then, stay happy and creative!

Creatively yours,

Dr Puva Arumugam
Artistic and Creative Director
Gemz Creative Arts 

Updates before we move!

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Hello everyone!

It's time once again for a quick update as November is coming to an end quite rapidly! 

The biggest news for this month is that Gemz Creative Arts will be moving away from Melbourne CBD to a nice suburb called Berwick in December! We are really excited at the new possibilities and we are also busy preparing for the move which is just two weeks away!!

Gemz Creative Arts has certainly enjoyed the support from parents and local schools in Melbourne CBD over the past three years. We have had a chance to be part of many events and we are looking forward to being equally involved in creative activities when we move to Berwick.

Our 2014 Creative classes and activities schedules are currently being finalised and we will be open for booking by January 2014 when school terms starts next year. 

Looking forward to telling you all about our new premise in our next update! Enjoy the rest of November and do look out for our 2014 weekend activities schedule which will be posted on the website as soon as it is ready! 

Creatively yours,

Dr Puva Arumugam
Artistic and Creative Director
Gemz Creative Arts

Mid October hello!

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Hi everyone, 

Just wanted to give you a mid month update as the end of the month report went on our FB page last month.

Just a recap, we had a great semester of Gemz Maths Club which ended last month. We are open for registration again this month for weekend Learning Club activities and the classes will be commencing soon.

Just thrilled to notice that visits to the website has been fairly consistent from people all over the world. I am keen to see the overall 30 days figure at the end of the month to see if we topped September in terms of site visits!

Productivity being the key drive for October, we are working hard to meet our publishing deadlines! 

Gemz Creative Arts is also now a member of Organo Gold, an internationally renowned company that distributes gourmet hot beverages. Being affiliated gives us the benefit of providing great hot beverages to our students during classes and at our many events that we organise. We are also happy to announce that we will now sponsor hot chocolate drinks at Gemz Kidz birthday parties as part of our gift bags! 

I will be back again in a couple of weeks with another update....

Till then, keep spreading the word that we are conducting arts and craft classes and Kidz Learning Club classes on the weekends for little gems. 

Creatively yours, 

Dr Puva Arumugam
Artistic and Creative Director
Gemz Creative Arts

Time once again for an activity update!

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Goodbye August! 

Is it truly the end of August? I can't believe how fast a month goes past these days especially when you keep yourself busy being creative!

August has been fantastic for us at Gemz Creative Arts!

For a start, the Gemz Creative Arts website went through a facelift with new typography and background colours to create consistency and a nice smooth flow of navigation to get you to the various offers and pages that we have.

Maths Club update:

We also recorded and presented our Maths Club Video clip where our Maths Wiz Little Gemz spoke about why many kids should sign up for our Creative Learning classes. 
Our Maths Wiz Little Gemz are having lots of creative fun with grid addition and subtraction exercises together with multiplication flash card quizzes! There is never a dull moment in our fun and yummy snacks filled classes.

Artzy Craftzy Birthday Partzy 

We had lots of fun at our Arts and Craft themed birthday party for little Abigail who turned 8 this month! The children had so much fun creating their own earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Several mummies had pleasant surprises when when the children (including a boy in the mix) presented their creative jewellery with much love at the end of the party. 
This is one party where the goodie bags for the children had more than just lollies and balloons!

Creative Writing classes

I had the pleasure of conducting a Creative Writing session for a Grade 1/2 class at Carlton Gardens Primary School, Melbourne this month!  The class of 27 eager writers created their original stories in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes following an exercise on Personification. The stories kept flowing and I was really impressed with the creativity shown by the young minds! I am looking forward to my next class with them where we explore using seeds to aid narrative. 

Creative Writing Tips Series:

I was toying with the idea that this could be an activity for September but I had to get this Series up and started as there is no point in delaying the sharing of good tips!!! So August saw the beginning of the first Creative Writing Tip that will allow parents/guardians and teachers to have many fun filled creative writing moments with their children. I hope you have had the chance to try it out with your little ones.

Thanks to the 1168 new visitors who visited our website in August. We hope you enjoyed your visit and we hope to see you again and again. 

Hello September!

September is going to be the month of fruition and fun learning activities. 
Creative classes are the main focus for this month! 

We have a few on offer:

The team is all geared up to seeing more creative activity via our September School Holiday Arts and Craft Program. Classes are running from 23 September to 4 October 2013. We are offering full day classes and half day classes to suit the need of both working parents and those who just want their children to come over for a few hours of fun filled creative time. Call 0431377464 for class times and booking details!

We are also offering Arts and Craft classes on weekends on a regular basis. 

As a theatre artist, I am moving into the space of Art Therapy and am working with adults to help heal and recuperate. This is really exciting from a theatre perspective! I will provide more details in due course!

Books! Books! Books!

Our three books are getting all the attention needed. 

I am really excited with the progress of my book " The Imperfect Life of Sonja Hozain" as sharing excerpts of the book through my sneak previews is breathing new life into the actual story. I have added a second sneak preview on the website. Do have a read and keep the feedback flowing. I am loving the writing process and I hope you will love reading the story!

Our Children Book series "Jodie has a pet" is waiting for the first draft of illustrations to be approved.  The creative team is currently reviewing and making changes to the art work and we are hoping to get a few pages confirmed by the end of this month.  

Chapter 3 and 4 of "The BFF Adventure in Metung" will be the focus for this month. With the writer off to a camp and a study trip to China, she is working hard to complete drafts of the two chapters as planned. 

We are also planning a short story writing competition for 10 to 12 year olds. Attractive prizes will be on offer for the top two writers.  Look out for the details on our website in the coming weeks. 

Don't forget to pass the word around to friends and family to "Like" us on FB and do sign up your little ones for our September School Holiday Programs if you are living in Melbourne. It will truly be a creative experience that they will enjoy!   

Visit for details on all our special offers! And till my next update, stay creative.

Dr Puva Arumugam
Artistic and Creative Director
Gemz Creative Arts

Goodbye July and hello August!

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It is time once again for the monthly activity update! I look forward to these updates only because it allows me to know how fast time flies and how busy one can be just being creative!
The team is thrilled to say that in the last 30 days, we have had 1281 visitors from the globe who clocked in 1506 page visits! Good to see that all pages were viewed consitently and that there is a genuine interest in our activities.
We had several updates on Facebook and this includes our latest Cultural Integration Program Interview where we featured Ms Lei Liu from China; Arts Gallery Updates which featured creative photography and Monster High Collage piece; A sneak preview of the current book in progress: "The Imperfect Life of Sonja Hozain" which highlights how women fall prey to sham marriages to help keep up appearances of men who want to remain in the closet for their own selfish reasons!
We will also be posting a few photos of the little gems who are currently enrolled in Gemz Creative Maths Club! So do look out for those photos when they are up on the website pretty soon.
We also met up with two different illustrators this month and both have kindly agreed to work on our books, "Jodie has a pet!" and "The Imperfect Life of Sonja Hozain". We will post the names of the illustrators and their profiles in due course.
Apart from these updates, we also managed to post a blog post this month on listening to opinions as they matter no matter who they are from.
If you have missed any of these activities listed above, do browse through our Facebook page for a quick link or just visit our website for an extended visit.
With school term started, we are extending arts and crafts classes on weekends for little gems in Melbourne and we look forward to seeing many wonderful creative creations through these classes. We also have places in our Gemz Maths Club if your child is wanting some fun peer pressure to polish up his or her numeracy skills. Call 0431377464 to get more information on these classes!
The team is looking forward to August and so should you!
We love working creatively online with you and we welcome your comments and support! Feel free to contact me via [email protected] if you have a burning creative idea or work that you would like to showcase on the website.
Till our next update,
Have a fantamastic month of August! And spead the word to like us on Facebook! We love to be liked just like you!
Creating new ripples again through "The Imperfect Life of Sonja Hozain",
Dr Puva Arumugam

Half yearly activities update

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Hi everyone, it is hard to believe that the month of May has just zoomed past so quickly and we are now in the beginning of June! 

It has been a great six months for the team at Gemz Creative Arts! Just a short re-cap:

We published our third book in April this year! We have since received nice responses to our latest book:Tears and Fears - A collection of Poems, which will be reflected in our Testimonial page on our website which is being constructed as you read this blog! 

We are in the process of writing and publishing three other books and we will feature the "Writer's thoughts" really soon to give you a quick insight into the work that the team and writers are putting in to get the books published. 

We have had creative conversations with local designers and illustrators to help us with cover illustrations for "The Imperfect Life of Sonja Hozain" and "Jodie has a pet". We are hoping to release images when we get some of these designs finalised.  
Our Creative Cultural Research Program has featured many interesting stories of migrant and expatriates living in Australia! Our next participant is from China and she has a great story to tell about living and working in Australia! Her story will be featured in June.  

Our community involvement with Carlton Gardens Primary School has been a great way to create awareness of our many offers such as Arts and Crafts classes, Language Tuition for kids and also to provide a chance for young children to be part of our core business - creative writing and book publishing. 

Last but not least, our engagement with social media has been an exciting journey. We have had an average of 100 likes per month on our Facebook page since April this year! Our website has been busy with more than 400 regular visitors each month from many parts of the world! We are hoping that this trend will continue throughout the rest of this year to strengthen our brand as a place for self-publishing of Creative Writing!

With a busy and exciting six months ahead, we are thankful for your wonderful support as always! Do pass the word around and help us get more "Likes" on Facebook! 

If you are keen to help, contribute or be part of our Research and Creative Writing projects, contact me via [email protected]



April activity update!

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April has been a great month for the team at Gemz Creative Arts! We had a total of 530 visitors from around the world and we clocked in a whopping 850 page views! This is double the entries from the last month! We also have reached 215 "Likes" on our Facebook Page! This was above our target of reaching 200 "Likes" this month and we couldn't have done it without you! A very big thank you to all our supporters.   

We also published our third book: Tears and Fears - A collection of poems! Order your copy from us today as we have a special deal for you!

We also had two interviews featured for our Cultural Integration Program which highlights interesting experiences of migrants and expatriate communities living in Australia. We would like to hear from you if you are keen to share your experiences. 

In the coming months, the team will be working hard on the next two children's books, Jodie has a pet and Best Friends Forever Series of Adventures.

Business is as usual with regular arts and crafts lessons available for little gems! We also specialise on Speech and Drama classes for children in Grade 1 to Grade 6. 

Till our next update...don't forget to share this post on your Facebook and other social media avenues to spread the buzz about what we do!  We need your support to reach our target of reaching 300 Facebook Page "Likes" by end of May! 

It's April and our 3rd book has been published!

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Hi Folks!

April is here and I am very happy to give you the good news that Gemz Creative Arts has published its 3rd book!  

The book: "Tears and Fears - a collection of poems" is one that is very close to my heart! It contains poems that I have written over a twenty year period and I hope that you will get a copy to have a peek into my creative side! The book is available on Amazon and on Kindle! We will also be selling copies shortly via our online store!

The team is now looking forward to getting three other books published this year. Our writers are working on the drafts and one is at the illustration stage. Apart from publishing and writing, we are also engaged in a few Cultural integration programs. 

I will keep you posted with regular updates! 

In the meantime, do drop me a note via [email protected] if you want to talk about publishing your book or other creative works!  

Yours creatively,